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LIWONPAD has a social and welfare department headed by a coordinater (check list of our officials). The social and welfare department addresses the welfare of its active members. Active members means members who attend LIWONPAD meetings and activities and pay their dues. It cost money to address members welfare which means LIWONPAD needs finance to do that, and the finance comes from the membership dues paid by members. 

Below are some of the social welfare for members the organization address:
​When any of our members give birth to a child, the organization present a little financial gift to the baby. 

One of the women gave birth to a baby boy Dec. 19, 2015. A representative from LIWONPAD visited the fimily in Jan. 2016 and presented a little gift to the Baby on behalf of LIWONPAD.

Another young lady gave birth to a baby girl in Nov. 2016, a representative from LIWONPAD presented a little gift to the Baby on behalf of LIWONPAD.
​When an active member who pays her membership due lost a member of her family( check bilaws for which family members), the organization contributes financially to the funeral. 

A Liberian Mother died in the North in 2015 and LIWONPAD bought wreaths for her funeral.

Two Liberian brothers died in July and August, 2014 in Kongsberg and Tongsberg respectively, and LIWONPAD contributed financially, bought wreaths and played majoy role during the funerals.

The mother of one of our members died in 2015 and she received a token from LIWONPAD for the funeral.

Check our OBITUARAY for more information on death.
When an active member of the organization gets sick and hospitalized, the organization sends a representative to visit and present a little envelope with card to the person. 
​When any of our active members get married, the organization presents a little financial gift to her.

​The daughter of one of our members got married in Trondheim in 2016, and LIWONPAD presented a gift to the daughter.