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Liwonpad carries out special fundraising programs organised by the fundraising chair-lady. In addition, she also does fundraising through dance inntake during all her conferences/ conventions.

Liwonpad undertook her first official fundraising program in 2013 in Trondheim.

Liwonpad hosts two conferences every year. The conference/ convention venues are rotational from Municipality to Municipality.

Since the formation of LIWONPAD in 2012, she has hosted 2 conferences and 2 conventions in Kristiansand, Trondheim and Harstad respectively. 


LIWONPAD was invited by the United Sisters Association to attend their second aniversary in H;nnefoss town in Norway.  

LIWONPAD was represented at the program by the Mrs. Marie Morris Weeks, thr Regional Coordinator for Oslo Miss. Patricia Touba, and her secretary Mrs. Kian Lombaye. There were also other officials of LIWONPAD present at this program among others were the asst. Secretary Mrs. Cecilia Bortu and Regional Coordinator for Baerum Mrs. Mariam Kouyate Dukuly who is also an official of the United Sisters Association.

The program started with welcoming of guests by the host and right after that was followed by the reception. After the reception, a special welcome statement was made by the MC Mr. John Massaquoi to all the guests present, and then remarks by special guests. First was remarks by the representatives of LICIN organization in Oslo and remarks by the president of the Liberian Women Organization in Norway ( LIWONPAD). It was interesting to hear most of the statements that came up in these remarks was centered around UNITY among the Liberians living in Norway. This means that the Liberians in Norway are staving for UNITY which means all Liberians coming together as one united body. We all hope that this dream comes through. The program was climaxed by a grand bale until the we-we-hours! 

During this program the president of LIWONPAD was able to meet and talk with the president of the United Sisters, the Vice-President of LICIN and the Treasurer of LICIN concerning all liberian women coming together and working together as one body in achieving one goal in the interest of the liberian women living in Norway and back home in Liberia. These women agreed to work together withe women organization( LIWONPAD).

After this little meeting, a unity picture of members of the United Sisters present, members of LICIN present and members of LIWONPAD present. These ware only women not men.​ This picture is a symbol of unity among the Liberian women in Norway.

Our thanks and appreciations to the United Sisters Association for inviting LIWONPAD to their second Aniversary celebration.
LIWONPAD is celebrating her 3rd anniversary on April 18th 2015 in SANDVIKA, Smiths vei 1, 1337 SANDVIKA.  
LIWONPAD was invited to an honoring program by the Bergen Association ( LAH) 18.07.15 at BIKS in Bergen.

The program included honoring av LAH's former leadership and information on the history of Liberia from 1816 to 2015.

During LIWONPAD president's remarks at this program, she said that LIWONPAD is open to collaborate with other liberian organizations in Norway, and that is why they attend to most of the invitations they receive from other organizations. 

She thanked the  past and present leadership of LAH for their hard work for the Liberian people and she encouraged the present leadership to be patient and be willing to accept criticism because constructive criticism will help them to improve.

She also thanked the present leadership for appreciating and honoring the past leadership for their hard work. She encouraged other leaders to follow this example to appreciate their fellow leaders.

She ended her remarks by encouraging all leaders to put their differences/ego aside and sacrifice for the common interest of the Liberians, by making it possible for all Liberians to unite under one umbrella regardless of who heads it.  

We will like to invite all Liberian women in Norway to our upcoming National annual convention, which will be held in Bergen this 22.04.2016 at BIKS hall.

The fees for the entire convention is 700kr per person. Please do this 700kr payment to LIWONPAD's account: 15034156899, and the deadline for this payment is 15.04.2016. Those who want to buy lappers and those who owe lappers should please pay to this account: 37300228683.